Vegan shoes conceived with respect - Minuit sur Terre

Minuit sur Terre : vegan shoes conceived with respect

The concept

Minuit sur Terre’s main objective is to take great care of the style and the quality of our models. The first collection will consist of trendy shoes, that are currently in vogue, but it will also be timeless. Each season, new collections in limited edition with a more daring style will be added. Our ambition is to make veganism glamour!

The materials

All the models are conceived without any product of animal origin. The leather is replaced with more environmentally friendly materials, that are also more respectful of men and animals. The inner lining and sole are made up of natural fibers. The materials that are used for the upper are synthetic fibers of the best quality.

The manufacturing

The collection is entirely produced in factories that are located in Portugal, near Porto. It is an area that is known for its expertise in shoe-making. The factories selected are all reasonably sized and the workers’ rights are respected. These factories provide a high-quality work for a justified price.

Minuit sur Terre’s values

Our ambition is to make shoes that will change lives!

Minuit sur Terre’s approach can be summed up in just one word: respect. Respect of animals first, because our shoes are shoes are conceived without any product of animal origin and therefore without leather. Respect of the environment then, because leather is replaced with innovative and more ecological materials, that have a better aspect and quality. Finally, respect of workers because the shoes are made in Portugal, in factories where working conditions are good.

Our shoes

Minuit sur Terre’s commitments


Each shoe is made with respect of animals, of men and of the environment. Our whole conception relies on this key-word.


We have chosen to work with one capsule collection each season, in order to provide you with shoes that are always appropriate to the weather.


The first criteria when buying shoes is very often their appearance. We therefore have conceived trendy and extremely attracting models.


We have made the choice to sell our shoes on our website but also in as many physical shops as possible all around the world – as soon as possible.


One of our main concerns was quality: we have selected the most resistant materials, as well as factories with the best know-how in shoe-making.


Because it is thanks to you that we will change the world, we are available at any time of the day (or night!) to answer your questions.


Our models are provided at the fairest price. If the prices might seem high, it is because we refused to make any concession or quality or ethics.


Because we want to offer you a real experience with our shoes, we are planning on making many surprises that will delight you.

Minuit Sur Terre’s story

Marie Viard-Klein

Marie Viard-Klein

CEO & Founder

Newly-graduated from Sciences Po Bordeaux in business management and from the IAE of Bordeaux in marketing, I was not expecting a year ago to engage myself in entrepreneurship so fast. It is only when I was looking for certified vegan shoes this past June without being able to find any of them that would suit me, that I realized something had to be done, because I was not the only one in this situation.

It took several months for the idea to draw out and, in October 2016, I have broadcast a video of presentation of my idea with a questionnaire on Facebook and it was very successful. Everybody seemed to be very enthusiastic! It was the breaking point that incited me to go for it without waiting, before I had even completed my studies.

I started right away to look for qualitative and ecological materials, while I was approaching producers who would accept working with those. Portugal quickly appeared to be the obvious solution because of its established reputation in the sector. I have chosen Italian materials, famous for their quality and with a real environmental approach.