What are vegan shoes?

Vegan shoes are conceived without any animal product : they contain no leather, fur, wool, silk… Buying Minuit sur Terre shoes guarantees no animal has suffered during their production. We also care about the respect of workers: our shoes are made in small workshops in Portugal, where employees work in good conditions and are payed decently.

Why not “made in France”?

Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to make our shoes in France, for several reasons. Firstly, the cost of fabrication is higher, which involves a significant increase of the selling prices of our shoes. Secondly, the time of production is longer and factories are often defiant to use other materials than leather, because they’re not considered as “traditional”. We chose to make our shoes in Portugal, in the area of Porto, which is specialized in shoe making. It is a compromise to get high quality shoes with a fair price while respecting the workers.

Where can we try the shoes on ? 

From September 2017, Minuit sur Terre shoes will be available in several stores. All their addresses are here!

What happends if the size doesn’t fit? 

No worries, if something is wrong when you get your shoes, you will get a return voucher to get a refund or exchange your shoes.

Can we see more pictures?

We regularly publish exclusive pictures on our Instagram account.

How much does the delivery cost? 

Shipping is free in metropolitan France. For Switzerland and Belgium, shipping costs are 8€. For the rest of Europe, delivery costs 15€. For the rest of the world, shipping costs are 20€.

Are materials resistant? 

Materials used for the outside of the shoe are high quality synthetic fibers, with a sturdiness identical to leather. The shoes in faux suede are yet more fragile than shoes in faux leather.

Will you make men shoes?

It is not planned for the moment, but it is a project we would like to realize in the future! Why not, when we will have enough funds.

How do the shoes fit?

The shoes fit normally, it depends if you wear them with thin or thick socks. The Jazz pumps fit a little small : if you are between two sizes, choose the biggest one.

What are the materials used? 

The lining and the inner shoe are made of polymers from sustainable resources (viscose and cellulose coming from cereals, polyurethane partly recycled). It brings the carbon emissions to zero. Shoe upper is made of high quality synthetic fibers, guaranteed without solvents. Eco-friendly materials exist nowadays, like Piñatex and mushroom leather. However, we decided not to use them. First because their aspect does not match with the style of our shoes. Then, because of their prices : mushroom leather is still in the making: little quantities are produced and the price is extremely high. Stay tuned: we are very interested in these materials and we follow their development closely.

Will you make sandals for this summer?

We will make pretty sandals… for summer 2018!

Where does the name come from? 

It is a nod to Cinderella… Because it is the proof that a pair of shoes can change your life! We want to save lives: lives of animals, but also of the workers and of all the people who will wear shoes that respect their beliefs.