A zero waste back-to-school

Holidays are over, now back to school or work (and good habits)!

The end of this school year was somewhat shaken by the health crisis… But today life is back to normal.

At Minuit Sur Terre, we are committed to the values of ecology and sustainability, which is why today we are giving you our advices for a zero waste back-to-school season, whether for supplies or for your lunch break.

Grab your mask (reusable and handmade of course) and let’s go!

Zero waste office accessories

For a successful start to the new school year, you’ll need to bring your best supplies, and that doesn’t necessarily mean new and wrapped in plastic, on the contrary!

First of all, you need to sort them out! After years of scouring the supermarket shelves in search of the perfect pen and notebook, your cupboards are overflowing with gems that are just waiting for you to start the new school year on the right foot.

Once you’ve sorted them out, you’ll know what you need and what you already have.

For missing supplies, give preference to second-hand mainly for dictionaries, calculators and even notebooks sometimes given away even if they are in perfect condition.

Second-hand is a very good way to buy a computer, tablet and other high-tech accessories as good as new at lower prices and with a much smaller ecological footprint. You can also opt for reconditioned laptops or phones, which allows you to reduce your ecological footprint.

Unfortunately, it’s sometimes necessary to buy new school or office supplies. You can go to a stationery store where supplies are sold without unnecessary plastic packaging.

Also favour the purchase of durable and solid material such as an iron or wooden ruler. If you already have a flexible ruler, even though it’s made of plastic, it’s a very solid material and you can keep it. Zero waste also means not throwing it away when you can use it again!

At the beginning of the school year, books need to be protected and often this is done with plastic… You can use kraft paper, which is more ecological and protects your books, your notebooks and those of your children.

Zero waste lunch break

Today, still struggling with this health crisis, we have to bring our cutlery to the canteen or to the office. Unfortunately, disposable utensils are being used more than ever to avoid a new wave of contamination.

Disposable masks, non-reusable plastic water bottles, paper towels, plastic cutlery that is more than fragile and breaks on first use…

In order to reduce the demand for these disposable products, which are of poor quality, you can opt for reusable utensils.

A glass or stainless steel flask, bamboo or stainless steel cutlery, a glass or stainless steel straw, reusable cloth napkins, strong and durable Tupperwares made of glass or iron… There are many alternatives to the plastic that we see everywhere, which is bad for our health and our planet.

Shopping can also save the planet!

With the resumption of work or school, we all want to dress in our best clothes.

We plead guilty: a little shopping session can have relaxing virtues on the eve of the new school or work year… even if we know that meditation surely has more therapeutic aspects ;).

Nevertheless, we must not forget that the textile industry alone represents the second most polluting industry in the world!

With all these over-designed clothes, bought in abundance to be finally abandoned in the back of a cupboard, we can only advise you to turn to second hand and, especially for new clothes, to ethical, more ecological, local and much better quality fashion!

At Minuit Sur Terre, ethical fashion is our credo!

On our website, you can find ethical shoes and handbags which will be perfect for fall, such as our Ballade backpack or our Concerto handbag, perfect to slip on your work essentials.

With a good pair of sneakers or low boots or high heels boots made from eco-friendly, plant-based materials and a jumper made from recycled cotton, nothing will stop you, even the bus you’ve just missed!