The 3 eco-friendly resolutions you should make in 2020

It’s the moment to make eco-friendly resolutions ! 7 billion tonnes of plastic waste have been produced worldwide since 2015, and only 9% has been recycled. In addition, animals are directly impacted by the pollution caused by our waste. Plastic alone kills 1.5 million people each year.

The good news, however, is that we can all take action to preserve our precious planet and its inhabitants. And not only by opting for ethical shoes … but by revolutionizing our daily lifestyle! 😉

Are you ready to start a successful eco-friendly and sustainable year?

Oiseau et plastique

#1 Refuse plastic

Plastic is omnipresent in our daily lives. Inexpensive, easy to produce, it is often disposable and quickly ends up in our trash after use. Unfortunately, its lifespan is almost endless, and it ends up in the water we drink and the food we eat sooner or later. However, there are plenty of eco-friendly and simple alternatives to do without. Get rid of plastic, is not one of the easiest eco-friendly resolutions.

When you go shopping

Refuse any plastic bag and do even better : replace disposable kraft bags with pretty reusable fabric bags !

Be far-sighted, refuse waste at the source of the problem. Prefer bulk purchases in specialized stores. Be vigilant on packaging. For packaged food, prefer metal containers that can be recycled several times and glass that are infinitely recyclable.

In you bathroom

Bathrooms are sources of a lot of waste. Fortunately, it is very easy to move towards zero waste !

Brosse à dent en bois

An iconic object in the bathroom : the toothbrush. Did you know that 9 toothbrushes are sold every second in France ?

There are very good alternatives to the classic toothbrush :

Want to go further in the zero waste approach ? Need a little help to get started ? This book about zero waste explains you how to get started.

#2 Learn to cook vegetarian and vegan meals

Our food habits are no longer viable in the long term, in particular because of our overconsumption of meat products. Did you know that a French person eats an average of 1.5 kg of meat per week ? It would be enough to reduce this figure to 500g per week for a sustainable diet. Some eco-friendly resolutions are delicious.

So why not try cooking vegetarian and vegan meals (and even adopt it every day 😉?)

Recette vegan sans produits animaux

Try vegetable based recipes

Here is a very good book that we recommend you to start with. In Vegan Cookbook for Beginners, you will find simple vegetable recipes and accessible to all wallets. The possibilities of vegetable cooking are huge ! And there’s something for everyone.

#3 Use eco-friendly transportation

In France, a third of the CO2 emission come from our carbon-based journeys. There are, however, simple alternatives that are good for your health and the environment. Part of the eco-friendly resolutions to choose, is to opt for greener means of transportation. 🌱

Ride a bike

Cycling is the fastest form of transportation, especially if you live in an urban area. For journeys of less than 5 km, it is the best solution. You will be less victim of traffic jams during rush hour, and in addition, it is very easy to park. Cycling is great for your health, and will make up for the daily physical activity you need. It prevents cardiovascular disease and obesity. Finally, it is a big boost that you give to the environment, because bikes don’t reject CO2 or polluting microparticles.

Adopt slow tourism

Slow tourism consists in traveling less often and / or closer. Tourists rediscover the intrinsic essence of a journey that is immersion in the environment that is discovered. We take the time to discover our environment, the peculiarities of its landscapes, its local history and indigenous traditions. This type of travel brings us to rethink the place of transport in our societies : we avoid the plane and we prefer means of transport more respectful of nature and ecosystems. By taking your time, you make travel a goal in itself instead of perceiving it as a way to get to a point on the globe.

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