Top 8 Google searches about vegans

… This word often misunderstood (oh well, don’t you eat fish?) Or badly pronounced (hello “vegetarians”) arouses a lot of curiosity… At the same time, it’s not surprising : rare are those who have been educated in this way of life or who have been made aware of it before in recent years. People have a lot of questions about vegans.

In 2019, what do we do when we ask ourselves a question ? We ask it to Google ! Which gives rise to some rather revealing research, and sometimes wacky or funny … Today, the Minuit sur Terre team is having fun answering 8 questions asked to Google about these strange beings … Vegans 😉

The Google search for the word “vegan” has literally exploded in France in recent years. The French are more and more interested in animal welfare issues and we think it’s great 🙂

Fun fac t: the region where the word “vegan” is the most popular is Alsace, ahead of Île-de-France. Perhaps the Alsatians are finally fed up with sauerkraut. Don’t panic : there are vegan sauerkraut recipes for you;)

1 – Are vegans crazy ?

It’s true that you have to be a little crazy to do without meat and cheese… 😉 But don’t worry, we can still enjoy a lot of things, even cheese. Yes there is vegan cheese !

Isn’t it rather our “traditional” way of life that has sunk into madness ? Global warming, depletion of resources, animal abuse, massive consumption, deplorable working conditions, chronic depression, … Until proven otherwise, there is nothing rational about our current way of life.

2 – How do you pronounce vegan ?

Ah, there we are ! The French writing of the word makes it easy to pronounce i t: “vegan”, quite simply. And not vegetarian… It’s not the same thing, but that’s another discussion.

3 – Why are vegans annoying ?

Damm , we can feel the annoyance with this question … It looks like you have a vegan that you can’t stand around you anymore !

Okay, maybe sometimes we can seem a bit like we’re giving lessons … But often, the goal is to explain what is important to us to those around us and to talk about what excites us, nothing too bad .

4 – Is alcohol vegan ?

Obviously, this is THE question to ask 😉 As with everything, it’s a matter of nuance : some alcohols are, and others are not ! Animal products are often involved in the manufacturing process. More and more brands are getting the vegan label to make it easier for consumers.
You can also find an article on our blog to learn all about vegan wine.

5 – Do vegans have pets ?

This is something to talk forever about… Each vegan decides whether or not to have pets. Some decide not to have them and others prefer to adopt animals in need, for example from abandoned animal shelters. This is the case with our mascot Cannelle !

6 – Why vegans are aggresive ?

There are aggressive vegans, but also aggressive omnivores, aggressive raw food eaters, aggressive vegetarians… Being vegan doesn’t mean being perfect 😉

In addition, we can sometimes be on edge when our philosophical and consumption choices are constantly questioned, on a daily basis, or when we are the subject of frequent teasing (even if they are not intended to be mean). It’s hard not to get started right off the bat when you’re frontally criticized when you haven’t asked for anything, just ordered a vegan dish at a restaurant, for example.

7 – How do vegans dress up ?

Vegans do not wear any animal material, and therefore no wool, silk, fur … or leather ! At Minuit sur Terre, our shoes, bags and small leather goods do not contain any leather. We wanted to create aesthetic and ethical vegan shoes : it is not always easy to find attractive models without material of animal origin, even if fortunately this is a rapidly developing field ! 🙂

8 – How to fight against vegans ?

What if instead fighting vegans, you fought against animal abuse, the deplorable living conditions of workers, global warming or multinationals that destroy the environment and our health ? 🙂

9 – Are vegans extremists ?

From the point of view of our traditional way of life, veganism can be seen as extremist… What do you mean without ALL animal products for a living ?! It seems absolutely impossible when we have been raised by an omnivorous family and surrounded by animal products in our house, our closet, our bathroom, …

But by educating yourself and moving forward little by little, you realize that it is not that complicated. And that extremism was perhaps in our old consumer reflexes, which trivialized animal suffering. That said, it’s up to everyone to take their own path little by little, according to their convictions, at their own pace ! 🙂