How to become vegan ?

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After reading books, watching documentaries or chatting with loved ones on animal health or environmental protection, you have had a trigger : you want to become vegan, or at least reduce your consumption of animal products. You’ve decided to make some resolutions and to hold on to them.

It’s time to take advantage of this fresh decision and the enthusiasm it brings you to try to become vegan and revolutionize your lifestyle to make it more respectful of animals and the environment. But where do you start to become vegan? At first, the number of things to change can seem overwhelming and discouraging … Here are some tips to start and motivate you! 🌿

Remember, being vegan means no longer consuming animal or leisure products resulting from the exploitation of animals. It goes for food (neither meat, fish, dairy, eggs, or honey) and clothing (no leather, wool, fur, silk, etc.)/ But also cosmetics (products not tested on animals and without animal products) or domestic (household products not tested on animals). Even your leisure activities will be impacted (no zoo or circuses using animals). A real revolution compared to the most common way of life in France and in many countries nowadays.💫

Go at your own pace : become vegan in 1 night … or in 2 years !

There is no right or wrong way to start a transition period to veganism. Some have a revelation and manage to make the change overnight, while others take their time to change their lifestyle (we know, there are things easier in life than giving up on cheese …). And that’s all right !

You like challenges ? Try to stop it all at once to feel aligned with your values. It is now possible to quickly and efficiently document yourself on vegan food balance and the challenges of products tested on animals. Be careful with your health, however, and do not sacrifice your mental well-being by putting too much pressure on yourself.
P.S .: Don’t forget to take some vitamin B12! 🤓

Go slowly

For those who prefer to be more progressive, this is a good opportunity to learn more about this lifestyle and gradually eliminate what you no longer want to see in your daily life. You can for example start with a vegetarian or vegan day in the week, then two, then three … Try to embrace this at home before trying it during your outings, if social pressure bothers you in your approach.

Strart finishing to use all the non vegan products you have before replacing them. Wait until you have finished your bottle of shampoo and take the opportunity to look for a vegan alternative to buy during this time. Keep on wearing your shoes before replacing them with a new pair of vegan and eco-responsible shoes !

In all cases, NO guilt : making efforts is always better than making none. As minimal as the change you make can be, it is part of a constructive process to give the best of yourself, and it is already much better than maintaining a lifestyle that no longer corresponds with your values. Little by little, the bird is making its nest : you will be amazed at the progress made when you look back at your progress in a few months or years ! 🤗

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Learn about the vegan lifestyle

The key to moving towards your goals is learning more about it ! It is now much easier to become vegan than before. There are many sources of information to quickly learn everything you need to know to become vegan.

YouTube channels, websites on veganism where you can find information and recipes. You can check on vegan influencer, read books, watch documentaries … The possibilities are immense! Here is a small selection of resources that we find interesting.📚

Vegan YouTube channels 📽️

Websites for recipes and information🍔

Books about veganism 📖

Vegan documentaries 🎬

  • Cowspiracy
  • The Game Changers
  • What the health
  • Blackfish
  • Forks over knives
  • Earthlings (attention, ce documentaire peut choquer)
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Stay motivated to become vegan

You can have all the goodwill in the world, you will inevitably have moments of failure. Maybe youwill feel like ordering a burger or pizza dripping with cheese on a lazy evening. You could not feel like arguing with your friends about your new lifestyle. You may wand to choose leather shoes instead of vegan and recycled sneakers

We all went through it : motivation fluctuates, and that’s normal. The best way to stay focused on your goals is to surround yourself with the right people !

One or more people around you are also interested in the vegan lifestyle ? Why not motivate yourself together to change your habits ? You can start small challenges, advise each other on the vegan products that you validate, test new vegan restaurants together, share links of vegan recipes to test … It will help you to keeep up the track.

Difficult to find people who share this interest around you ? Social networks have a lot of flaws but also many qualities. They can help you to “surround yourself” virtually with a community that share your values ​​and your goals. It will be a little shot of inspiration on a daily basis. On Instagram, vegan influencer accounts abound and will make you dream with their beautiful visuals!

A couple o account to follow :

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Take a step back

If you have chosen to become vegan, it is necessarily that it is a subject that is very close to your heart, for having decided to invest so much energy and passion in it on a daily basis. As you have noticed, it is not always easy to take things into consideration when you are surrounded by people who do not necessarily understand our choices.

Don’t be hard on yourself

There’s one thing to know : jokes about your new lifestyle will not stop overnight… and it doesn’t matter ! Messing about your way of life is not necessarily a way to assault you, but sometimes just to show support.😉

Perhaps you would have done the same thing if you were in the place of your entourage and the idea of ​​being vegan or vegetarian had never crossed your mind … So don’t take these remarks personally !

Same thing if you tend to be too harsh on yourself and feel guilty as soon as you eat something non-vegan, use a cosmetic tested on animals, wear a leather bag and not a vegan bag … Stop blaming yourself ! You’re already doing a lot and you must be proud of yourself above all 💪

Veganism is magic

Enjoy !

Remember why you are doing this : because you love animals, for the environment, for your body and for everything around you. Only for positive reasons ! The main thing is to enjoy your life every day and to make the most of it.

Do simple stuff

Cook delicious vegan recipes to replace your favorite dishes (no room for frustration in vegan food!). Make your own homemade cosmetics with delicious smells.

Above all, do all of this for the pleasure of doing something good for yourself. Do what it makes to be aligned with your convictions, of doing good to the animals, the planet and your body consciously and every day. Get started ! ✨