How to get involved in animal protection ?

Adopting a small companion is a long-term commitment. Being committed to animal protection, is a choice that must be carefully considered, thinking carefully of all the consequences that this implies. Indeed, in this holiday departure season, many are the owners who decide to get rid of their pet rather than finding a solution to keep them.

If like us, you adore animals, that their kindness makes you melt and you can’t resist their big eyes, know that you can invest in actions to be engaged with them on a daily basis. We can all act for animal protection.

S'engager dans la luttre contre la protections animale - Article Minuit sur Terre

Idea n°1 : Become a host family for animals in refuges

As shelters are increasingly overcrowded, many are looking for foster families to temporarily care for animals that are placed. In addition, some animals find it difficult to adapt to community life and prefer the calm of a home. Until they’re adoptable, you can take care of these animals and offer them a second chance ! If you have a crush for the animal you keep and want to adopt it, you can do it as soon as it is adoptable. To become a host family, simply ask at the shelter closest to you.

Idea n°2 : Volunteer in a shelter

If you don’t wish to have an animal at home or cannot accommodate with one, you can go to a shelter to volunteer. This time too, you have to weigh the pros and cons. In fact, by becoming a volunteer, you are committed to the animals who will get used to your presence, but also to the employees or other volunteers of the refuge who will also count on you. It is therefore important to set a pace for volunteering and stick to it as much as possible to avoid disturbing the pace of the shelter. To find the list of shelters near you, just contact the Veterinary Services Department or the police station of your place of residence.


S'engager dans la lutte contre la protection animale - Article Minuit sur Terre

Idea n°3 : Become an animal protection investigator

If you can no longer bear to be helpless, you can, as a volunteer for an association, become an animal protection investigator. You will then have the mission of going to the people reported as abusers to assess the living conditions of the animals. If it turns out that the animals are actually mistreated, you will be responsible for filing a complaint and taking the necessary measures to remove the animals from their owner and place them in a shelter.

Many animal welfare associations offer to become an investigator, inquire with an association of your choice. To report an abuser you can call 17 or 112. You can also contact the animal protection association closest to you so that the latter can send their investigator.

Idea n°4 : Eco-volunteering

If you’re still trying to figure out where to go for holidyas and you want to mix business with pleasure, you can go on an eco-volunteering mission. In France or abroad, you will be able to take part in a mission ranging from the renovation of refuges to the care of raptors through the construction of shelters or the observation of marine animals. You can choose the duration, the destination and the mission which correspond to you. A great way to get involved in the fight for animal protection.

To go on eco-volunteering, many websites exist. However, beware of scams. Some websites offer you to go on projects that can make you dream but if you are asked to pay 1000 € to leave, it is sometimes a scam. Do not hesitate to search the Internet for opinions and reviews on the association, contact former volunteers, check if you can easily get a contact on the phone, etc.

Check out the website Go Eco to get advice.

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Idea n°5 : Go on a scientific mission

If you have specific knowledge, you can go on a scientific mission with an expedition, to better understand the flora and fauna. Establishing an animal inventory, carrying out climatological studies and caring for animals are a couple of missions that can be carried out.

Whatever the means and the time that you can devote to it, there are always means to be an actor of animal protection. There are no small gestures, every action counts, so do not hesitate to get started in the cause.