Why are our shoes made in Portugal ?

Our pretty vegan shoes are made in Portugal, in the region of Porto. Why did we make this choice ? We tell you everything, and above all why we have (not yet) choose made in France.

Exceptional know-how

Porto is well known for its expertise in shoe manufacturing. Many workshops are present and all styles and models of shoes are represented. This allows us to offer you very well finished models, of good quality and which will brilliantly survive your most exciting adventures !

They are open-minded

Due to their know-how, Portuguese manufacturers are by no means closed to the use of materials other than leather. Designing durable and quality shoes in synthetic materials is therefore entirely possible. Thus, all our requirements are met ! Our materials are made in Italy. We prefer a European circuit to have a smaller ecological footprint in terms of transport.

Skilled and decently paid workers

At Minuit sur Terre, our watchword is respect. We want all our models to be manufactured in good conditions. We want the people to be paid correctly. The models in the permanent collection are produced in two small workshops where the workers are well paid and where the working hours are correct.

Our workshops in Portugal

A smaller ecological footprint

Manufacturing in the Porto region allows us to transport our models by truck, on a journey of 1000 kilometers. Your pair of shoes therefore neither flew nor traveled by boat. In addition, the materials that compose it come from Italy. They are therefore 100% European and proud of it !

And what about Made in France?

We are often asked why we did not choose a French manufacture for our vegan shoes. Why are our shoes made in Portugal… This question is entirely justified : it is indeed important to support French crafts and to consume locally. However, it is currently complicated for us to have our shoes made in our beautiful country.

The cost would be much higher,

We want to offer you quality models, respectful of animals, workers and the environment, but also of your wallet ! It is not always easy to consume sustainably because of the high price of ethical and ecological alternatives. Manufacturing in Portugal allows us to respect our convictions without ruining you !

Tradition over values

In addition, tradition still weighs heavily in France. Many manufacturers do not plan to design quality models in a material other than leather or suede. For them, synthetic is not a “fairly noble” material, which is a shame for the life of the billion of animals killed each year for their skin. If in the future mindsets change and prices become more affordable, we would be delighted to offer you models made in France.