A minimalist life style

A minimalist lifestyle

These last years we’ve heard and read about this famous “minimalist lifestyle” but what is it really to be minimalist in your daily life? Above all, being minimalist is to simplify your life, to get rid of the superficial to keep the essentials.

The return of this lifestyle is surely dur to the fact that we’re more and more aware that we live in n area of overconsumption, in which we consume more and more products and objects that we do not really need. Through this way of life, we learn to be content with what we need and to focus on what really matters to us.

Rethinking your consumption habits can be scary, but don’t worry, we’ve put together a few simple tips and steps to get there and adopt a simpler lifestyle !

Mode de vie minimaliste - Article Minuit sur Terre

1- Clear out your belongings

The first step, and not the least, is to sort through your belongings ! It sounds simple, but many people do not sort through their belongings regularly and goods accumulate faster than you might think. For this sorting to be effective, it is necessary to proceed in stages : sorting by rooms.

We have to get rid of the futile material and the superfluous everyday objects. Thus, it’s necessary to only keep what is necessary. In order to empty your interior to adopt the minimalist trend, you can sell your clothes and all the objects that you don’t use, give them to those around you or to associations. The golden rules for efficient sorting and storage are : keep what you like and serves you, separate yourself from the negative and ask yourself these questions: Do I like it? Do I use it?

You can use different boxes to organize yourself : 

1 box for the objects to keep
1 box for the objects to keep but to store elsewhere than in this room
1 box for the objects to give
1 box for the objects for sale

2- A minimalist bedroom

If there is one room that needs to be uncluttered in a house or apartment, it’s definitely the bedroom. An uncluttered bedroom is an uncluttered mind and an absence of permanent solicitation allowing a good sleep. In addition, a clean room is a healthy room. Less furniture and objects, will limit dust accumulation inevery corner !

As said before, you need to ask yourself wheter  each item you have, is really useful to you and whether it is respectful of your health and the planet ? If the answer is no …? You just have to get rid of it !

The essentials of a minimalist bedroom:
1 bed
2 bedside tables (avoid drawers or other storage to avoid being tempted to fill them)
2 bedside lamps with soft lights
1 set of sheets
1 mid-season duvet
2-4 pillows
1 alarm clock


Mode de vie minimaliste - Article Minuit sur Terre

3- The kitchen

It often seems to be complicated to keep this place clean and uncluttered as many objects accumulate there ! Here is a list of items that easily disappear from our kitchen: the kettle the toaster the drip tray the mandolin the microwave oven the electric mixer Regarding your dishes, keep only the essentials.

If you rarely receive large tables, keep the minimum for yourself every day ! In addition, some materials are to be avoided in our kitchen: plastic, aluminum. Prefer stainless steel, copper, glass or wood which are natural or healthier materials.

Mode de vie minimaliste - Article Minuit sur Terre

4- The bathroom

This is an essential room !  It’s one of the few places in the house where you find yourself alone and where you take time for yourself. To keep this piece beautiful and functional while being minimalist and almost zero waste, here are some tips.

First of all, we advise you to buy few products for your skin and shower. A cream, a few essential oils and a soap are enough to take care of you. Also, avoid buying shower gels and other shampoos sold in supermarkets : they pollute water and are not economical, in addition to having a composition that is too loaded for your skin / scalp.

Also prefer a bamboo toothbrush, with the interchangeable and recyclable head, as well as a hard toothpaste. Discard your plastic comb to replace it with a comb made of natural material, such as bamboo and opt for a washable and reusable ear pick. As with other rooms, avoid having a pile of towels “just in case”.

5- The living room

As in other rooms, we must separate as much as possible from the objects that are not useful to us and remove decorative elements as much as possible. For a minimalist living room, the goal is to keep the furniture and furnishings that we use every day: the coffee table, the sofa, the bookcase, a side table, a desk.

The ideal for a minimalist living room would be not to have a television, but that’s another debate ! If this furniture is not enough for you, ask yourself why : is it by taste for these ? Or is it because you use it to store things ? In the second case, it is advisable to re-sort your belongings ! Regarding decoration, we recommend plants and candles. Again, avoid objects without real functions.

Mode de vie minimaliste - Article Minuit sur Terre

6 – The dressing

Nowadays, because of the marketing and communication of certain brands, we are constantly tempted to buy new clothes. So how do we fix it ? One simple thing : unsubscribe from newsletters and reduce your frequentation of stores. Then, as with the other pieces, you have to sort through what you have.

To live properly, we don’t need 10 sweaters, 5 skirts, 8 jeans etc. To take stock of what you have, here is a list of the minimalist wardrobe:
Coats / jackets : 1 for winter, 1 for mid-season, 1 blazer
Tops : 3 sweaters, 4 t-shirts, 5 shirts, blouses
Bottoms : 3 jeans, 2 skirts, 2 dresses
Underwear : 3 bras, 7 panties, 7 pairs of socks, 2 tights
Accessories : 1 large bag, 1 small bag
Shoes: 1 pair of boots, 1 pair of mid-season, 1 pair of sandals

This minimalist wardrobe is of course to adapt according to you and your professional life, but it can help you see more clearly. 

Mode de vie minimaliste - Article Minuit sur Terre

References and reading ideas :
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