Our first recycled and ecofriendly sweaters

The big news of the back-to-school season is our very first range of women’s sweaters! Soft, comfortable, warm and ecofriendly, they will be perfect for the first chilly mornings of October, and can also accompany you throughout the winter thanks to their fine and warm material.

Why sweaters? At Minuit sur Terre, we are committed to responding to the desires of our customers. We are often asking you for your opinion on our projects and on the products we are currently designing. This allows us to orient ourselves in our choices, to get new ideas and to be sure to please you.

In our big survey in January 2020, to which many of you responded (and we thank you!), sweaters were among the new projects you were most excited about.

We like to offer you items that meet a need: vegan fashion is still in full development, and it remains difficult to find certain products that meet both ethical and aesthetic criteria. This was initially the case for vegan shoes and bags, which is why Marie decided to enter this niche at first, realizing that there was a real lack for these products.

Every winter, we have difficulties to find ecofriendly and vegan knitwear: it is difficult to find sweaters without wool but designed with ecofriendly materials, and moreover in good working conditions. Good quality jumpers made in Europe unfortunately often contain wool and are therefore not vegan. As for the alternatives without animal material, they are often designed with synthetic materials that are not very ecofriendly, because they disintegrate when washed and pollute the water, and are sold by fast fashion brands at prices that do not properly remunerate the work of the manufacturers.

We have therefore decided to launch our own products, which meet our four main requirements:

  • respect for animals, with vegan and cruelty free products,
  • fair remuneration of the workers, with European manufacturing, in workshops where good working conditions are respected,
  • reducing our environmental footprint by using natural and recycled materials,
  • beautiful and stylish products that you will be proud to wear every day!

Our very first sweaters are therefore made of recycled cotton from fabric scraps. This material, which is both natural and vegan, has the advantage of consuming less water than conventional cotton and is made from the reuse of materials destined to be waste. The exact composition of the material used is as follows: 75% recycled cotton, 20% polyester and 5% other fibers. Here again, for reasons of solidity of the material, a small part of synthetic enters the composition. As always at Minuit sur Terre, this material is Oeko-Tex 100 certified, which guarantees its safety for manufacturers and the people who wear our products.

The material we use comes from the circular economy: it uses production waste from weaving and knitting companies to design a new material. This reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 46%, energy consumption by 46% and water consumption by 61% during the manufacturing process, compared to a similar material made from virgin raw materials. After research and selection of the fabrics to be recycled, they are transformed into fibers and then spun and dyed to become new yarns.

As always, we have chosen Portugal for manufacturing, a European country where the respect of workers’ rights is guaranteed by strict regulations. It is located close to France and to the workshops where our shoes and leather goods are manufactured. This allows us to optimize the carbon footprint of our travels by going to nearby locations to follow the progress of the manufacturing of our products.

But the real argument of this first sweaters line is its style: we are really pleased to present these products on which we have worked for a long time! Soft colors, plays of stripes, absolute comfort, lace details… We propose you beautiful jumpers that will make the passage to autumn a more pleasant moment 😉

For us, these new products are a first step into the unknown: it is a totally different world from footwear and bags, from which we had to learn the codes little by little, but which we were delighted to discover. We hope that this first try will please you as much as it did us and that it will herald very beautiful projects for the future!