Our ideas for a delicious vegan picnic

bandeau pique-nique vegan

Credits : She like food, Alice EsmeraldaElle à table and The Baking Fairy

That’s it, the good weather is back (at least in Bordeaux) ! Grab your family or friends and go in a park, in the countryside or on the beach for a picnic 🙂 As we are food lovers, we give you all our ideas for a successful vegan picnic !


A good picnic would be nothing without delicious dips to dip country bread or vegetable sticks. Of course, we immediately think of the basics : a delicious guacamole or the sacrosanct hummus. You can opt for a classic hummus, or change it a bit with a version with red peppers, beetroot, white beans or kale !

Scrambled tofu

Why not give your picnic a bit of brunch by preparing a delicious scrambled tofu ? It’s very simple and quick : crumbled tofu. A few vegetables, turmeric for a nice yellow color : it’s ready ! You can eat it spread on a little bread or even rolled in a wrap for a burrito effect 🙂



Credits : Elle à table, 100 % végétal and La cuisine de Jean-Philippe


Tabbouleh, pasta, rice or quinoa salads … Mmh it smells good in summer ! We salivate in front of this Greek pasta salad recipe or a delicious Lebanese tabbouleh. Pinterest is full of fresh and summer vegan salad ideas : take a look to find the recipe that will allow you to use your leftover vegetables !

Sring rolls

Spring rolls always have a little effect ! They are crunchy and fresh : that’s exactly what you want to taste under the blue spring sky. The advantage is that they are very quick to make and that you can add the vegetables of your choice, according to your tastes and your fridge 🙂 


Another classic of vegan cuisine : falafels ! They can be eaten on the go or slipped into a pita bread with raw vegetables. For a healthier version, we prefer them baked as in Jean-Philippe’s recipe 🙂

salades, rouleaux de printemps, falafels

Credits : She like food, Alice Esmeralda et La cuisine de Jean-Philippe


For dessert, opt for a delicious banana bread, to recharge your batteries for a stroll or a swim after lunch. Speaking of energy … we can also try energy balls ! Only good things for a super greedy result.


It is essential to prepare something to cool off ! Who says summer drink says lemonade : we adopt it with this very simple and ultra refreshing recipe. To cool even more, try our nice cream recipe. You can find all our ideas on our Pinterest board “Vegan picnic”.


We wish you a good appetite ! 🙂

banana bread, energy balls, limonade

Credits : The Baking Fairy, Friendly Beauty et Cuisiner tout simplement