Our new ecofriendly material, made from apples

Minuit sur Terre is built around a core value: respect, not only for animals, but also for workers and the environment! As part of this approach, we are moving towards materials that are as respectful as possible of our planet, to reduce our environmental footprint.

We have several criteria when choosing our materials: we want them to be vegetal or recycled, but we also want that they show good solidity, a certain comfort, and that they offer us creative possibilities in the design of the models. Of course, our absolutely non-negotiable criterion is the absence of animal materials and tests carried out on animals to guarantee you vegan and cruelty free models of shoes, bags and leather goods.

For this reason, we are always looking for innovations: the market for vegetable materials is developing at full speed, following the awareness of the harmful impact of traditional materials on the planet. After discovering new materials, such as grape leather, we have to test it to make sure that the material is usable, that it matches the shape of our products and that it is strong and comfortable enough for us to adopt it.

Baskets vegan recyclées Orient Coquillage Minuit sur Terre

For this autumn, we are opting for a new cruelty-free vegetal material, made from apples! Apple waste from the food industry is ground to powder and mixed with polyurethane, polyester and cotton in a factory in Italy. The result is a solid, ecofriendly, non-harmful and versatile material that can be used for many purposes. This process look like the process of the wine waste material we currently use for our sneakers and bags.

This apple leather is notably used for our new Orient sneakers. This is our most ecofriendly productly, recycled from the sole to the laces! These pretty sneakers feature a sole made of a mix of natural rubber and recycled plastic, laces made of plastic bottles removed from the Mediterranean Sea, an insole made of cereals and recycled plastic, and an upper (outside of the shoe) made of grapes. Colored apple leather inserts are now added to this product.

We also use apple leather for our vegan women’s handbags, which also have a recycled plastic lining, and for our belts.

The big advantage of this apple leather material is the wide choice of colors, which allows us to offer you original products of cruelty-free shoes and handbags, in beautiful autumn colors. A way of being able to continue to offer you beautiful products: who said that you can’t display your convictions without losing an ounce of style?

We hope that this new innovative and ecofriendly material will please you!