Behind the scenes of our workshops in Portugal

Today, we wanted to take you with us on our seasonal trip to visit our workshops Portugal ! We go there about once every two months to take stock with our factories, talk with the craftsmen and see where the manufacturing is. Besides, if you are interested, we have already made an article on the production process of our shoes!

These trips really help us to discover the progress of our creations, and we wanted to share this experience with you 🙂

The workshops

Today we work with two workshops in Portugal. One who makes our sneakers, and one who makes all the other model. This last one makes our derbies, our sandals, our boots … Much of the manufacturing is done by hand ! These are small factories with few employees, the working conditions are therefore optimal, we are far from chain work made in China!

The main reason we go to Portugal is to visit our workshops. Thanks to these meetings, we can discuss the progress of orders, small faults that need to be corrected on certain models …

And, this time, we also went to visit the box factory to discover the new packaging of our men’s collection !

Our workshops in Portugal - Article Minuit sur Terre

The collections

The most important thing for us is to discover the progress of the collections ! Even if the prototypes are sent to us before the launches, it is always interesting for us to see where the craftsmen are in the manufacture of our models.

And since Minuit sur Terre is still a young brand, we are always a little tight in the production process. This is why being able to correct small errors before receiving the prototypes is very important ! 🙂 Craftsmen always start by only doing one shoe to see what it looks like.

We can also see what is going to be done … Yes, there is a big difference from the drawing to the making ! And, sometimes, some models that we thought were pretty on paper do not look good once created … In which case we cancel the model before manufacturing;)

But most of the time, the realisations are perfect ! We love to see what the drawings actually looks like in real life ! As proof, a small overview of the last prototypes that we were able to recover 🙂

Workshops- Article Minuit sur Terre


If there is one thing that we love when we go to Portugal, it’s the enriching discussions ! We can inform ourselves of the deadlines, what goes and does not go, the progress of the production process, etc.

The craftsmen, are always delighted to show us certain stages of manufacture s and to exchange with us on the progress of the confection, the parts already created … We can discover, touch, see everything. It’s always a surprise to realize how mny hours of work were spent to make a small pair !

We also meet with the representative of our Italian supplier, who advises us on the best materials to choose. He presents his new products to us, which would be the most optimal for each model… So many precious tips that help us to visualize and design !

Handwork in the workshops - Article Minuit sur Terre

Good adresses

After visiting the workshops in Portugal we’re always hungry. So, last but not least, here are our two favorite place to have dinner or for alunch break” in Porto! 

1/ Cultura Dos Sabores – Natural Gourmet

Restaurant vegan au Portugal - Article Minuit sur Terre

Vegan address that we love, because it offers an all-you-can-eat buffet, excellent at a low price (between 7 and 16 € maximum)! And in addition, they have swings on which we can eat 🙂

2/ Black Mamba – Burgers & Records

Restaurant vegan au Portugal - Article Minuit sur Terre

Our favorite address during our trips to Porto! Their burgers are delicious with lots of choices 🙂 The restaurant is also 100% vegan. For 8 €, you can have a burger + drink + fries formula. And the desserts are between 2.5 – 3.5 €.