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High quality natural and ecofriendly materials made in Northern Italy.

Minuit sur Terre uses plant-based and recycled Oeko-Tex certified and ecofriendly vegan leather to reduce its environmental impact and respect our planet. The exact composition of the materials used can be found on each product sheet. To find out more about our materials, do not hesitate to visit on our page.

Logo PETA Approved Vegan
logo oeko-tex
Matières fabrication chaussures écologiques Minuit sur Terre
Fabrication Minuit sur Terre


All our models are manufactured with care in our Portuguese workshops. 

Since 2016, we have been working with the same family workshops located in the region of Porto, Portugal, less than 1000 kilometres from our offices. The know-how has been passed down from generation to generation, and a large part of the manufacturing is still done by hand.

We visit them regularly to develop our new prototypes and follow the progress of production!


Our shoes are designed to be as comfortable as possible. 

All our models are built with a fully lined and reinforced insole with foam inserts at the toe and heel.

These finishes are much more aesthetically pleasing than a traditional construction, but above all they guarantee optimal comfort even during long walks!

Fabrication baskets en pomme Virevolte Minuit sur Terre
Fabrication bottines écoresponsables Minuit sur Terre

fair prices

Transparency is essential to us and we have nothing to hide from you.

Being transparent about our costs, as well as the materials we use, is essential for an ethical brand that respect its customers.

Our prices are fair all year round, that's why we don't have any sales: we set the prices so that they respect all our stakeholders (suppliers, manufacturers and customers!) and so our margin is reduced to a minimum to keep the business running.


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