Tips for the perfect vegan barbecue

Planning a barbecue this week-end and you’re short on ideas ? No panic ! Here a some tips to enjoy yourself with a delicious vegan barbecue this summer ! 

Vegetable kebab

Who says barbecue says kebabs ! We love vegetable skewers. Many combinations are possible, and your taste buds and your health will thank you ! For example, you can slide slices of peppers, red onions, zucchini, mushrooms and why not a few falafels or a few slices of tofu on your skewer, as in this recipe. The result is ultra colorful and appetizing!

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Another idea : put on your skewer slices of zucchini covered with the marinade of your choice. You will love it ! It is also possible to grill cauliflower seasoned with barbecue sauce for a little spiciness. Besides, you don’t even need skewers to enjoy grilled vegetables. On a plancha, you can directly brown zucchini slices soaked in a little olive oil and sprinkled with thyme, or peppers.

We love mushrooms filled with vegetable cheese. Hollow out the mushrooms and fill them with vegetable cheese capable of melting, such as vegan mozzarella. Then grill the mushrooms on the barbecue, which will melt the cheese deliciously.

Meat imitation

Today there are extremely impressive meat imitation food, sold in organic stores or even in supermarkets. Grilling small vegetable sausages is a great idea for a vegan barbecue. They are just as delicious as traditional sausages, but do not harm the animals! If you want to play it American style, you can slip them into a hot dog bun and season them with ketchup, mustard or even vegan mayonnaise.

You can also grill a vegetable steak on the barbecue, then eat it with a burger bun and any vegetables of your choice. We are also very curious to taste the vegan pulled pork burger made with jackfruit fruit.

And what about the side dish ?

To accompany your grilled meals, you can make small vegetable sticks to dip in hummus, or in the spread of your choice. It will change your from traditional crisps, and bring a bit of crunch and vitamins to the menu ! It’s also the time to prepare a delicious Lebanese tabbouleh, a traditionally vegan recipe, or a pasta or rice salad. For dessert, nothing better than a slice of watermelon to cool off, as well as a delicious nice cream !


Nice cream - Article Minuit sur Terre

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