Which vegan sunscreens should you choose?

You already know it : these last days, it is hot, very HOT ! The sun is beating hard and it is best not to go out without splashing on sunscreen. But depending on the brand adopted, sunscreen does not necessarily mean respect … It’s not easy to find vegan sunscreens, which respect our health and the environment ! But don’t worry, Minuit sur Terre is here to guide you to find the best vegan sunscreens on the market 🙂

Conventional sunscreens : what’s the problem ?

There are two types of UV filters used in sunscreens : chemical filters and mineral filters. Chemical filters are organic compounds, which penetrate the epidermis and create a filter layer that absorbs UV rays. These are filters used in conventional sunscreens, especially sold in supermarkets.

Their advantage is that they allow the sunscreen to apply easily and not leave white streaks. However, they are only effective 20 to 30 minutes after application and are accused of polluting the environment and containing endocrine disruptors dangerous to human health.

crème solaire

Mineral filters, on the other hand, are very fine powders, which have a purely physical action. These filters are non-polluting and do not cause allergies : they are therefore ideal for children and sensitive skin. However, they tend to leave a white veil on the skin and be more difficult to apply.

Every year, 25,000 tonnes of sunscreen are released into the oceans by bathers. Chemical filters have, for several years, been accused of causing significant water pollution and being harmful to marine life. Studies have revealed that they are partly responsible for coral bleaching and dying in high tourist areas. Fish also absorb these chemical compounds which are harmful to their health. Chemical filters are also accused of being endocrine disruptors, dangerous for human health.

The ideal is therefore to choose an organic sunscreen, including a mineral filter free of nanoparticles. The key is to choose brands that respect the environment, animals and human health, and therefore cruelty free and vegan, of course!

Our selection of vegan sunscreens

vegan suncreens selection

  1. SPF 50 Laboratoires de Biarritz Sunscreen – This Ecocert certified sun milk contains a mineral sun filter and is water resistant. Very easy to apply, it has an irreproachable composition.
  2. SPF 50 EQ Sunscreen – This sunscreen provides high protection for the whole family and is designed to respect the marine environment. It is labeled Ecocert and Cosmebio.
  3. SPF 30 UV Bio Sunscreen – Certified organic and vegan, this sun lotion protects you from UVA and UVB rays thanks to its mineral filter and its impeccable formulation.
  4. St John’s wort Tea Natura plant balm – This treatment is the perfect after-sun ! It reduces redness, soothes irritation and relieves burns.
  5. Pure Aloe Vera gel – There is nothing like a little aloe vera gel to rehydrate the skin after sun exposure.
  6. SPF 15 Hurraw lip balm – At Minuit sur Terre, we are fans of Hurraw balms ! This will protect your lips from the sun to keep them soft and hydrated.

The best beauty tips to adopt

Choosing a sunscreen that is good for your health and the environment is good. Adopting all measures to protect your health from the dangers of the sun is better ! And choosing vegan suncreens for you and your family is the best solution. Do not forget to choose an index corresponding to the fragility of your skin in the sun. If you have fair skin and are often sunburned, do not hesitate to choose an index of 50.

Yes, it is true, the tan takes longer to show the tip of its nose, but it is much more. sustainable, promised ! Do not expose yourself to the hottest hours, generally between 12 p.m. and 4 p.m., and regularly renew the application of your sunscreen, especially after swimming.

If you wear a t-shirt and a hat, it’s even better ! And above all, keep in mind that tanning is not a competition : if you prefer to stay in the shade or under your parasol, there is no reason not to do it 🙂 After exposure, do not forget to apply an after-sun to rehydrate your skin damaged by the sun.
Bonus: you will have very soft skin !