Why people think that vegans are extremists ?

Today, we are tackling a complicated subject : the “vegan = extremist” cliché. You’ve necessarily come across this kind of opinion. Whether in your entourage or online, where the comments are not always tender. For many people vegans are extremists and should not be so drastic in their choice. We give you our opinion on the matter in this article !

A remark that’s often due to a misunderstanding

If this cliché is widespread, it is most often because for those who have never questioned their consumption. The process of doing without it completely, seems surprising and incomprehensible. In a society where moderation is often advocated cutting out certain products completely can seem “extreme”.

Changing lifetime habits

For our parents, grandparents, friends … No longer eating meat, fish, dairy products or honey can be scary ! One thought that comes up quite often is “So what are you eating?Most people cannot imagine changing their diet so drastically. They have always been taught to base it on animal products, and not to take a meal without meat as a real meal. And for them that’s why vegans are extremists. In our culinary tradition, animal products are often placed in the center of the plate. If people tend to find the vegan approach extreme, it’s because it’s completely different from the way they live. However, we must not forget that most often, vegans are not born vegan.

For the most part, we would have also found veganism inconceivable a few years ago. That was when we were not informed about the animal cause as well as the environmental impact of traditional food. Meeting a vegan, we would also have found him “extreme” in his way of being and of thinking.That’s because his thinking on the subject would have been much more extensive than ours at that time.

vegan salad

Adopt calm and constructive communication

At Minuit sur Terre, we believe that a war between omnivores and vegans is absolutely not constructive. Using aggression to defend your ideas is never a good idea. If sometimes, being vegan, we are sad not to see any change in the behaviors around us. There is no point in being angry and cursing people who are not informed about the animal condition.

Try understanding

These people might feel attacked and reject veganism altogether. Tthey might have been interested if it had been explained to them calmly and without any violence. As a vegan, it is therefore important to have a peaceful communication with those close to you about veganism. Answering questions about their lifestyle allows them to be informed about the plant alternatives that exist. Providing them with delicious recipes can also encourage them to vegetate their favorite dishes.

Explaining the issues around leather or wool, showing them your vegan clothes and accessories can also get them thinking the next time they need to buy a pair of shoes. Rather than being negative and pointing out what is wrong with a person’s behavior, you might as well tell them, without forcing them of course, how they can make small changes to have a more positive impact. Making your friends try tasty meals can help them turn to vegan.

Burger vegan

Prefer a smooth change

Some people go vegan overnight. For many others, it is not that easy to change. Many people take several months or even years to transform their diet and the way they consume. Pointing out each other’s contradictions will not advance the fight : if your friend decides to eat vegan one day a week, and he eats animal products the rest of the time, there is no point in telling him that it is not enough.

Change takes time

The change may seem small to you who have come all the way, but for that person, it is a step forward and positive action that should be praised rather than criticized. We reason the same for our vegan shoes. It was important for us to offer aesthetic and modern models, which could please by their appearance and not only because they are free from animal products. We seek to meet the need of vegans wanting to purchase quality shoes. But we also want to satisfy consumers for whom animal welfare is not the first criterion of choice.

Realizing that the models we offer are as qualitative as the leather or suede that they are used to buying, perhaps they will move more towards vegan purchases in the future. For us, the key is to remain positive and tolerant with others in your vegan approach. Seeing that you are fulfilled and convinced of your choices, perhaps they will follow the same path as you ! If they still think that vegan are extremists well, leave it to them to get informed and make their own opinion about it.